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Melton Residential Building

Austral Height Safety was recently successful at tender with the builder for a residential building in Melton. Upon receiving approval to commence works we were on site within a few days. For these works, Austral installed Ladder brackets, Anchor Points and Mini Ladders.

The client was happy with Austral’s no-fuss approach and the speed and quality of the installation.

We look forward to working with the builder on the next project.

If you need height safety products and services for any of your jobs don’t hesitate to get in touch with the friendly team at Austral Height Safety for a quote or more information.

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Werribee Mercy Hospital 

Austral Height Safety was contacted by a builder to assist with a report that was issued by an independent inspector. The builder needed the works completed as soon as possible, we assured them that Austral would be able to execute these works within 3 days from approval of the quotation.

For this particular job, we installed Guardrails where the plant and equipment was within 2m from a live edge and an Access Point was added to keep the service trades safe when accessing the roof.

We also installed two Anchor Points so that the gutters could be cleaned safely.

If you need any of your height safety jobs quoted don’t hesitate to get in touch with the friendly team at Austral Height Safety. We also carry out certification of existing systems and installation of new height safety systems.

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