Roof Walkway Systems Keep Your Contractors and Workers Safe as They Operate on Elevated Surfaces

We strive to save lives. Our mission? To secure your employees working at heights and on rooftops. Expect nothing but the best from our safe roof walkway systems. All of our roof walkways systems are built and designed to  Australian Standards are durable and certified to ensure maximum safety for your team.

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Specialist Roof Walkways for Your Properties, Workplaces and Worksites

We care about you using the correct workplace equipment that’s both compliant and adherent to height safety regulations. Your employees’/users safety and wellbeing when using roof walkways is key.

Does your workplace site require safe roof access walkways? Let Austral Height Safety install the correct roof walkway systems for you. All roof walkways comply with the Australian Standard AS1657:2018.

Roof walkway systems are used to get safely to plant and equipment of buildings everywhere. They prevent unnecessary slips, trips and falls and make walking on roofs safer and easier for service trades carrying tools and equipment.

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Our Team are Roof Walkway Experts

We take pride in who we are and what we offer to you:

  • Remarkable experience: over 50 years’ construction and height safety expertise
  • Highly rated: amongst Australia’s best service providers offering secure roof walkway systems
  • Direct dealings: on-site inspections
  • Sound safety advice: your security is our priority
  • Competitive offerings: some of the finest product ranges on the market

We’ll provide you with the optimum roof walkway systems available. We’re the experts, and we take your safety seriously. Trust Austral Height Safety to keep your staff safe. We’ll exceed your expectations and help take your work to greater heights.

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Transform Your Workplace’s Roof Walkways

Austral Height Safety workplace roof walkways are guaranteed to comply with the most recent Australian codes, regulations and standards. They’re installed professionally and promptly with minimal disruption to your roof work and maintenance.

We partner with leading product suppliers, such as Sayfa, so that we can provide our clients with the best. Our industrial walkways are reliably engineered safety systems. We use only the best aluminium roof walkways available and ensure that installed roof walkways are suitably applied to all roof surfaces. Sayfa also supplies Fibre roof walkways as an alternative to aluminium.

Protect your building’s roof sheeting from unnecessary damage from foot traffic with high-grade aluminium roof walkways. Roof walkway systems also provide a clear path, indicating where users should enter and exit the roof. Walkways also prevents injury to workers when carrying tools by giving them a safe passage to navigate without a twisted ankle or worse.

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Roof Walkway Features to Benefit From

  • Certified maintenance-free aluminium roof walkways
  • Controlled access to elevated workplace areas
  • Cost effective
  • Fall prevention and protection system
  • High-grade aluminium and fibre
  • Levelled or slightly inclined surfaces
  • Non-corrosive materials
  • Non-slip roof walkway surfaces
  • Protection to your roof sheeting

Roof Walkway Examples to Consider

  • Pace600 GW8 Aluminium Walkway
  • Pace600 GW9 Aluminium Walkway – Levelled
  • On-Trak GW11 Fibre Walkway
  • On-Trak G13 Fibre Walkway on Battens
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Contact a Roof Walkway System Specialist

Austral are the answer to your workplace roof walkway needs. We can quote, install, inspect and certify your roof access walkways to ensure they are in full compliance with the Australian Standards.

In addition to walkways, we can also supply and install other height safety equipment such as roof safety rails and roof anchor points. Call us today for our industrial walkway pricing and further details. Choose the height safety Melbourne experts.