Do you need Roof Anchor Point Installations? Make sure you work with the best.

Have peace of mind and let Austral Height Safety do the work for you. From our roof anchor product range to our services, we offer only the best in the business when it comes to roof safety anchors.

Roof Anchor Point Installation and Products You Can Trust

  • Roof anchor point installations done by industry professionals
  • Anchor point installations that comply with Australian Standards
  • High Quality Materials 
  • Correct equipment 
  • Roof anchor point testing and anchor certification
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Roof Anchor Point Installation Australian Businesses Can Trust

Austral Height Safety is dedicated to ensuring our clients’ safety.

If you want quality services, Austral Height Safety is here for you. A team of trained experts can install compliant height safety equipment and anchor points on roofs of all types so that you can rest assured the users are always safe when working at heights.

Austral’s commitment to height safety goes beyond simply providing quality roof anchors, we can ensure your anchors and harness fixing points are regularly inspected for compliance and consistently maintained so that your employees can work from heights confidently armed with the knowledge their equipment is safe for use. 

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The Best Roof Anchor Points in the Industry

We’re proud of our partnership with the Sayfa Group who supplies us with exceptional quality components, including our roof anchors. The brand is known for superior manufacturing, batch testing and the traceability of each unit—a sure sign of a quality brand. All Sayfa items are numbered so you can trace them from the factory to where they’re installed.

We have access to a large range of roof anchor points. The type of roof anchor (fall arrest or abseil) you need will depend on the type of work being conducted, the personnel that will be using it and the frequency at which the roof anchor is used, your roof type, the system design and maintenance considerations.

Each roof anchor is designed with specific configurations and installation types in mind. The main types are:

  • Purlin mounted
  • Surface mounted
  • Concrete Fix
  • Steel Structure fix
  • Friction Fix

We only work with the best, so you get the best.

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Roof Anchors and Abseil Points Where You Need Them

We install abseil anchor points where you need them so that facade workers and window cleaners can maintain buildings safely and efficiently. We work closely with window cleaners and facade maintenance technicians to achieve exactly what they want.

Austral offers a wide variety of roof anchors and harness fixing points designed for specific tasks. Our height safety experts will choose and install anchor points on your roof that are the most suitable for your needs. We will advise you which of these roof anchors you need.


How Can We Help You?

Austral Height Safety has over 50 years’ experience in the industry. That’s why we’re able to give you expert advice on how to optimise your working environment and the anchor points on your roof. Austral’s experts can perform height safety audits and inspections to help you determine where you need roof anchors and other height safety equipment

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Need Anchor Point Installations? – Call Us and Let’s Get Started

Give us a call to discuss your roof anchor point requirements, let us know what you need. All our products meet and exceed industry standards, so the users are guaranteed height safety. 

Austral Height Safety ensures you’re supplied quality roof anchor products and services that you can trust. Our experts will ensure your team are working with only the best roof harness anchors available on the market, also ensuring that they are correctly installed and certified.

Contact the Austral Height Safety team today to discuss installation of roof safety anchors and fall arrest systems or request a quote.