Austral Installs Quality Roof Access Hatches in Melbourne

Partner with the best when it comes to roof hatch installations.

A roof access hatch is the solution you need for safe entrance to your roof or platform and Austral can supply it all. Whether you need an industrial roof hatch, glass roof access hatch or a residential roof access hatch we are sure we can find the best solution for your needs. 

Why Austral is a Market Leader when it Comes to Roof Hatches

  • We offer multiple options for hinged and sliding roof hatches
  • Customised to your preferred size
  • Frames have incredible strength
  • Safe and easy handling
  • Materials that can withstand the elements
  • Waterproof flashing

We cater for all your roof access hatch needs, so let’s get started on yours.

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Get a Roof Access Hatch Melbourne Workers can Trust

Quality roof access hatches give you quick and safe entry to roofs. When you need to maintain your roof, use your access hatch to get onto the roof easily.

Austral is a leader in height safety because we care about each user’s wellbeing. Our commitment to height safety goes beyond just providing a quality roof access hatch, we can ensure your roof hatches are consistently maintained and inspected for compliance so that your workers can work confidently armed with the knowledge their equipment is safe for use. That’s why you get quality service and a variety of options for workers across Australia when you choose Austral.

We have a range of roof door hatch and access options available to cater to all kinds of work and access types. We can also supply roof access ladders and roof walkway systems. Contact the Austral team today to discuss your requirements and roof hatch prices.


Durable and Robust Roof Access Hatches

All of our roof hatch suppliers are a leading brand in roof access products. We provide diverse options and impressive features on our roof access hatches:

  • Sliding and hinged access roof hatches for effortless opening
  • Lightweight but durable structures
  • Prefabricated roof hatches for quick installation
  • Powder Coating to suit the roof colour
  • Durable roof hatch componentry
  • Internal locking systems for security
  • Fire rated roof access hatches

Austral: Height Safety Service Done Right

Do you need a wide range of height safety services that go hand in hand with having a roof access hatch? We offer products, installation and inspections. Our services include:

  • Professional roof hatch installations
  • Height safety certification
  • Site and height safety audits
  • Assessments
  • Expert advice from professionals
Roof access hatch

Partner with the Right Team to Ensure YOUR Team’s Safety

Are you looking for a safe, reliable way to access your roof? A roof access hatch is what you need. 

No matter what you need – from a roof access ladder hatch to a glass roof access hatch – we can find you the best solution. 

At Austral, we partner with leading suppliers to ensure that our clients get only the best roof hatch products available. Your team’s safety is our top priority, so we ensure that all height safety and roof hatch products installed by us are in full compliance with the relevant Australian Standards. 

Get in touch with us to discuss roof hatch requirements, installation and roof access hatch prices.

Trust Austral as so many other clients already do.