Reliable Pull Down Ladders for Your Safety

Pull down ladders are convenient, sturdy and give you access to the roof or other elevated areas. Let Austral Height Safety help you reach those heights safely.

Pull down ladders allow users safe and convenient access and egress to roof spaces and elevated surfaces

Here’s what you get from us:

  • Pull down ladders with non-slip coatings
  • Ladders that are wear-resistant
  • Soft close technology
  • Gas struts
  • Meets Australian height safety standards

A Variety of Pull Down Ladders To Pick From

What do you need?

  • Fold down ladders come in a variety of lengths which work with typical ceiling heights. They fold flush to a ceiling when not in use.
  • Pull down ceiling ladders are mostly used on the inside of a building.   

Your New Pull Down Ladder Will be Ultra Convenient and Safe to use.

Full Service That Meets Your Onsite Requirements

Have you chosen your ideal pull down ladder yet? Once you have, let our Austral team install your ladder for you. Team experts will let you know where the best places are to install your pull down ladder. And we can do the work for you.

How Can We Assist You Today?

Austral Height Safety stays ahead of competitors because we offer a positive client experience. Our pull down ladders exceed industry standards so you’ll receive quality products and we offer customer service to match.

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