Do You Need Roof Safety Rails? We Have What You Need.

Let our team install a roof safety rail that will keep you on your feet and ensure the utmost safety for your whole team.

We only offer roof handrail products that provide exceptional stability

  • Aluminium roof safety rails used for non-corrosive                                               
  • AS1657 Certification on roof handrails and walkways
  • Roof handrail installation is done by our skilled installers

Roof Safety Rails That Can Withstand Harsh Environments

When working at heights you need reliable equipment and your roof safety rails are no exception. Not only must your equipment provide safety, but it must be durable too. Austral Height Safety has various roof handrail systems made from high-grade aluminium that can withstand the elements.

The Importance of a Roof Safety Rail

A roof safety rail is important because:

  • They provide users working at heights with safe passage
  • Handrails or guardrails are a better form of fall protection as they are a physical barrier  
  • Roof safety rails prevent many accidents from happening
  • A roof handrail can block access to unauthorised areas

Who Needs Roof Safety Rails?

Remember, you must be compliant with Australian Height Safety legislation on buildings and work sites. A roof guardrail must be installed in the following scenarios:

  • Areas with steep steps
  • Slippery walkways
  • Landing platforms
  • Accessible roof spaces
  • Walkway obstructions
  • Manual load carrying

If you’re unsure about roof safety rails or whether yours meet height safety standards, we can help you with services and advice.

Services Austral Offers You

If you need safe roof walkways and guardrails our team of experts will install them for you. Austral offers excellent height safety systems and certifications. Let us inspect, provide advice, do installations and certify your height equipment for you.

Get all you need in one place!

And what about regular maintenance? Talk to us and let’s schedule a visit.


Are You Ready to Install a Roof Safety Rail?

Don’t let your company be at risk of unnecessary accidents or legal action against you. Install a roof safety rail that will keep users safe.

Our Sayfa supplied products will work on any type of roof and you can pick from permanent and fold down options—Let’s make your roof handrail work for your aesthetic preferences. Take a look at our range of roof guardrail products and pick what will be ideal for you.

Our Austral Height Safety team is ready to assist.