Managing Façade & Maintenance Workers for Building Owners—How to Make Your Roof More Accessible

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The better your system on-premises, the easier and more efficient property management can be. That’s the truth that any property owner must realise, and it necessitates investing in infrastructure you may not have thought of before. An important topic to consider is how you accommodate anyone doing maintenance at height or working on your building’s […]

What You Should Know About Roof Anchor Point Compliance—AS/NZS 5532

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Are your safety standards on par with what the government requires? Are you familiar with what the Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 5532 requires of you? Over the past few years, there have been changes to the guidelines for certain at height work scenarios. More specifically, anyone using single point anchors as roof anchor […]

What Are Anchor Points Made of?

Roof anchors are an impressive piece of height safety equipment. The reliability and high-strength qualities of roof anchor points makes them a necessary piece of safety equipment for construction and maintenance work conducted at heights.   Anchor Points Construction: What Are Anchor Points Made of? Working at heights is necessary for many different tasks and […]

The Hierarchy of Control & Working at Heights

Anyone working at heights will know the many different hazards synonymous with this unique work environment. Workers in this industry deserve a secure working environment, guidelines and quality equipment – such as fall arrest systems and safe working platforms – on a daily basis and it’s the project managers’ and owners’ responsibility to ensure it’s […]