Essential Guide to Roof Anchor Points

anchor points on roof

We’re here to provide you with the ultimate guide to Australian Standard Roof Anchor Points

What You Need to Know About Australian Standard Roof Anchor Points.

What Are Roof Anchor Points?

Roof Anchor points are equipment typically installed on roofs or other places where work is conducted at heights. These roof anchor points are an anchoring system for workers to connect height safety equipment (such as lanyards or lifelines) and aid in fall restraint and fall arrest. Anchor Points are made of the highest quality materials. Stainless steel is used as it is a superior material for Anchor Point Systems.

Why do you need roof anchor points when working at heights?

Roof anchor points are required when working at heights to protect workers from a fall or height-related injuries. Without this equipment (and other types of height safety equipment) workers would be faced with a high risk of injury or even death, which is not a prospect anyone should be faced with when they turn up to work. Companies also have a responsibility to protect their employees, and there are laws in place that stipulate the duties and obligations that an organisation must abide by to ensure a safe work environment.

Negligence is punishable by Australian law. See the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s New Workplace Manslaughter Laws.

When are roof anchors required?

The requirement of a roof anchor will depend on the type of height work being conducted. Jobs entailing roof access for maintenance or repair such as servicing air conditioners, gutter cleaning, facade access or roof maintenance are examples of the types of height-related work that may require roof anchor points. Not all forms of height related work require a roof anchor, but others will. Ensuring you have the correct height safety equipment for the job is essential, and the team at Austral Height Safety can assist you with this.

Types of Roof Anchors

There is a range of roof anchor types and each one is designed with specific types of jobs, configurations and installation methods in mind:

  • Surface mounted
  • Purlin mounted
  • Steel Structure fix
  • Concrete Fix
  • Friction Fix

There are two anchor point system configurations:

  • Fall arrest anchor points: In the case that a worker slips and free falls, a fall-arrest system would “arrest” the person falling in mid-air saving them from severe injury or death. An anchor point forms part of this fall-arrest system.
  • Rope access anchor points: Designed for workers to safely ascend, descend and traverse ropes while suspended with ease. Rope access anchor point systems allow workers to access external areas of a building to conduct work, e.g. façade maintenance, window repair and window cleaning to name a few.

What Are Roof Anchor Points Made Off?

Roof anchor points are typically manufactured using high-strength stainless steel. This is the preferred material for manufacturing thanks to its high-strength properties and resilience to Australia’s harsh external environment.

At Austral Height Safety, we source our equipment from reputable suppliers such as Sayfa Systems and 3M, who manufacture and test their anchor points in compliance with AS/NZS 5532.

How To Install A Permanent Roof Anchor?

Anchor point installation is best left to the professionals, such as the qualified and experienced team at Austral. Qualified roof anchor installers are trained to review a working environment’s proposed use and analyse a roof’s condition, allowing them to determine the most suitable height safety equipment for installation and develop an appropriate roof anchor system for your particular project. Anchor Points must be installed by Certified Installers, please don’t risk it. We have seen some disastrous results of Cowboy installers which luckily did not lead to injuries or death.

In addition to using high-quality roof anchors and getting them professionally installed, anchor point testing and safety inspections must be carried out every 12 months. This is mandatory to the Australian Standards which ensures that your roof anchors and height safety equipment continue to meet the mandatory Australian safety standards and workplace requirements. Austral’s experts can perform height safety audits and inspections at your request.

Why Choose Austral Height Safety?

It’s essential that your roof anchor points are industry compliant, sturdy and reliable so that they protect workers and allow them to work efficiently. By bringing in the experts, you can rest assured that your anchor point installations are safe and meet the necessary industry and Australian Standards. Call our experienced team of height safety Melbourne installers today on (03) 9462 3350 or send us an email at