5 Interesting Facts About Roof Anchor Points

anchor points on roof

According to a recent Australian study, each year 26 workers are killed and an additional 7,700 are injured falling from high places while performing their jobs.

Therefore it’s essential that any workers make use of anchor points on roof areas and high buildings when performing their daily tasks.


5 Interesting Facts About Roof Anchor Points.

We might all have heard the term “roof anchor” being mentioned around job sites or by workers in the field, but what exactly do you know about them? Are they little gadgets that you can buy at your local hardware, or is there more to roof anchors?

A lot of expectation (and not to mention weight) is placed on these gadgets. If made of quality materials and installed correctly, they’ll ensure that workers performing tasks on high areas are kept safe. Let’s have a look at some interesting facts about roof anchors and why they’re so important.


What Exactly are Roof Anchors?

To put it simply, a roof anchor point is a device, installed on a roof or structure that allows rope and lifelines of workers working at heights. By connecting the worker to this device with height safety lanyards and lifelines the work can continue safely and securely. Workers will be able to get close to a live edge and have the reassurance that they can stay focused on the job at hand and they have a system in place if they should slip or fall.


When are Roof Anchors Needed?

Roof anchors should be used for any job function that involves working on a roof or high area. This also includes jobs that need to be done on the front or sides of buildings or for anyone working two Metres or higher off the ground. This can include any one of the following activities:

  • Gutter cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Abseil Façade Maintenance
  • Building maintenance or repairs

Our experts can perform height safety audits and inspections to help you determine where you require height safety equipment – such as roof anchors – to protect your staff and contractors.


Does the Law Require Roof Workers to Use Roof Anchors?

The Australian Work Health and Safety Act (WHS) requires employees working on roofs or other high areas to make use of roof anchor points. The law also stipulates that anchors must meet certain safety criteria. This applies to the materials these anchors are made of as well as how they are maintained and installed.

For more information on WHS visit the Australian Standard Website under section AS/NZS 5532.


Roof Anchor Materials—Insist on Sayfa

When it comes to roof anchors, the name to remember is “Sayfa”. When you install a Sayfa product, you not only get the most durable and dependable product on the market but also the peace of mind that goes with it. At Austral, we are partners with Sayfa Group, as well as 3M & DBI SALA. Not all roof anchors are made equally as they don’t all serve the same purpose. SAYFA understands this concept and has designed and manufactured roof anchors that are suitable for every possible use. All SAYFA products comply with Australian Standards.

It’s crucial to know which anchors should be installed so that they can be used correctly and provide the required safety. The anchor points should also only be used for their intended purpose and to not add more weight than is specified. An Austral height safety professional can help you identify the correct installation for your project.


Roof Anchor Point Certification

Now that you have more information about roof anchor points, the next question on your mind is no doubt, “how do I know if the roof anchor points I use meet the industry requirements?” Well, that’s the easy part.

Australian law requires that anchor point certification be done by industry professionals. In accordance with Australian standards, equipment must be made with quality materials, tested and certified Annually.


Where to Find Industry Specialists

Austral Height Safety offers you roof anchor point installations done by experts in the industry. We also ensure that all equipment and work done complies with Australian Standards. Austral Height Safety makes use of quality products so you can have peace of mind when you use our high-quality safety devices.

Give yourself and your employees’ peace of mind regarding their safety by getting experts to install, maintain and certify your roof anchor points. Austral Height Safety offers you 50 years of combined experience and advice allowing you to ensure the best working environment.

Ask Austral Height Safety for a quote on a roof anchors TODAY! Give the height safety Melbourne experts a call on (03) 9462 3350 or send us an email at admin@australsafety.com.au.